Finalist, Crab Creek Review Poetry Contest, judged by Maggie Smith
Smith writes, “This sonnet-esque poem packs a lot into fourteen lines, and I’m particularly impressed by the restraint. The poem takes its time, doling out its images and insights slowly and confidently. It’s a beautifully understated fable of a poem that, to me, speaks to the awkward and yet miraculous shapeshifting women do in the real world.”


Finalist, Tennessee Williams Literary Competition, judged by Yusef Komunyakaa

Second Prize, Academy of American Poets/Andrea Saunders Gereighty Poetry Award


Finalist, New South Writing Contest, judged by Roger Reeves

First Prize, Samuel Mockbee Award in Nonfiction, judged by Juyanne James
About the winning essay, James writes, “This essay appeals to our love of nature and family, as well as the intricacies of both.  From the turns of phrases to the simple yet complex structure, this almost mythical essay is beautifully told and invites us to read it over and over again.”

First Prize, Vassar Miller Poetry Competition